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#11 make-me-happy things


Well, first I read Christina’s blog post about 11 things that make her happy, and I thought,well I may write about my own! But then, days went by and…I forgot. But then,yesterday I read Theodora’s post on the same topic and I thought again, well maybe this time I really should get down to it! Because to tell you the truth, I thought this could work like a reminder as to what makes me happy, because sometimes we forget to be happy and after all the thought of things that make us happy can be therapeutic, as I have to admit I felt happy while writing this, trying to remember all the things that I wanted to include in this post. Moreover, I thought this is the perfect post to start with my new blog: Welcome to my ThinkingZone! So, welcome and let’s take a ride!

  1. Family Time: Time with my children, my husband, my sister, my parents, my in-laws, my beloved cousins,aunts and uncles! They say we don’t get to choose our relatives but I feel blessed for my family because we have strong bonds that seem to have passed from parents to children and so on!
  2. Coffee(pizza, beer or souvlaki-doesn’t make a difference) with my besties: People are the very first and most important source of happiness ( or unhappiness-but that would make the topic of another blog post), and if we don’t get to choose our relatives, we sure get to choose our friends. And friends are the ones who know the real you and love you because of all the wonderful things(or despite all the awful things) that make up the real you! They may be near or far, but far is not a problem if they are real friends. They may be from your childhood, university, colleagues, neighbours or new friends. But whatever category they fall into, true friends always play a big part in your happiness.
  3. Bookstores ( “Oh, look, here’s a bookstore!Let’s go in and spend the rest of our day there”-this would  be a phrase you could hear from me, and this is not an exaggeration): Some people like shopping, especially women, or mostly women. Don’t get me wrong, so do I! I like shopping… in a bookstore! I love the sight of books, the smell of books (ebooks-not my cup of tea!), I just love books!
  4. The airport: Reading Theodora’s love for airplanes, I realized that I love airplanes, too! But not just the flight. The whole experience of going-to-the-airport-two-hours-earlier-checking- in-waiting-in-the-waiting-lounge-boarding kind of thing! I really enjoy looking at people who travel by plane, coming and going, all the hustle and bustle of the airport area.
  5. My favourite cities (Thessaloniki, Athens and New York): Thessaloniki is my hometown. When I am there it feels like home! Thessaloniki, with its beautiful seafront, the Byzantine monuments, the relaxing strolls, the beautiful city centre! Athens is the city I studied in. I spent four of the most beautiful years of my life there. There’s no comparison to this unique combination of the ancient and the modern in this city! Whenever I visit it, I feel like I could spend the rest of my life there. And New York -memories of it are always vivid, like a promise that someday I may be able to go back to it.
  6. My job: There is not a job I could think of that would make me feel as content as teaching does! Teaching may be difficult, challenging, underpaid, but it can be the most rewarding as well. You never get bored, you constantly learn new things, teach new students, new materials. Every lesson is a new experience, because no lesson is exactly the same with another one.
  7. Writing (mostly on my blog these days): I have always loved writing! I took a Creative Writing course in university, which I can definitely say it was the best course I had ever taken. I know one of the reasons I started a blog was to practise my writing skills. Well, I wouldn’t dare write literature-at least not yet-but writing sure makes me happy !
  8. Films (TV series): A good film always makes me happy. If it’s very good, it stays with me for a few days. If it’s very very good, I know it becomes part of me!
  9. Inspiring people, thoughts, quotes: I’m sure there are a lot of people who love inspiration in their lives! I am certainly one of them! I would love to listen to people who have something new to say to me, to help me see life in a different way, to make me think and become better. I love thoughts and quotes who have helped others make a difference in their lives!
  10. Restaurants (i.e. good food): I have grown up in a city that loves food! There are so many places where you can try good food! So it is only natural to link good places to eat with good times you spent with  friends. For people from Thessaloniki, the best gatherings are those made around a table.
  11. The sea: I really don’t know what is it that makes me love the sea! The fact that I was born in a village by the sea? May be. But the feeling I get when I’m in the sea is this of pure happiness! Only the sight of it makes me calmer, more relaxed, happier! My dream is to have a house one day with a view to sea!

Of course items in the list is not in order of importance, although I think it goes without saying that this is not true about the first two. The rest in my list, though, can bring me different quantities of happiness, ranging from a little to vast, depending on the situation and the moment!


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